2018 Polls on the Victorian Election – commissioned by the Bus Association of Victoria

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In September and October 2018 the Bus Association of Victoria commissioned YouGov Galaxy to conduct polls in the lead up to the Victorian elections in November.

In addition to asking respondents for whom they would have voted on the day the polls were conducted and with which party they normally identified, respondents were asked for their thoughts on public transport issues and issues in which there is a significant level of interest – such as the rate of Victoria’s population increase, the desirability or otherwise of a hung parliament and whether or not Victoria’s large migration programme had benefited them.

Details of the questions asked and the responses from each poll may be obtained by clicking on their links below.

September 2018 Victorian election poll

October 2018 Victorian election poll

ANZAC Day Speech

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ANZAC Day Speech by His Excellency Dr. Brett Mason, Australia’s Ambassador to the Netherlands on 25 April, 2018

Australians and New Zealanders are often teased that we do not take our history or ourselves too seriously.  This might be true.  But ladies and gentleman, we believe ANZAC Day is important.  It is, as the playwrights say, “The One Day of the Year.”   For our sense of national identity, our sense of what it means to be an Australian or New Zealander, was first tested on the slopes of the Gallipoli peninsular in Turkey 103 years ago.

Our nations were young then, very young.  We sought to test ourselves against the nations of the Old World and we were not found wanting.  It was the birth of the spirit of Australia and New Zealand – of Aussie courage and Kiwi valour.

And we remember everyone who served on the Gallipoli Peninsula: Australians, New Zealanders, the British, Irish, French, Indians and Canadians – and the Turks too.  And we remember Malta, who treated and cared for the Anzacs and was to them “The Nurse of the Mediterranean.”

To us, they are Anzacs – legends; but in 1915 they were just like we are today – just like us – fathers, sons, parents, children, cousins and mates.

We commemorate today not a few great names, but the many – the Aussie and the Kiwi digger.  We remember all our soldiers who have fought in war, in our name, since the first ANZACs went ashore at dawn 25 April 1915.

Today, let me tell you about just one.

A young Australian who lies in the heart of the Netherlands……. Read More


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Much has been made of the Greens’ future prospects following the Tasmanian and South Australian elections and a federal by-election in a Victorian seat Batman. Half of Batman is comprised of a state seat Northcote in which the Greens defeated labor convincingly. In South Australia the Greens attracted 6.6 per cent of the vote, down 25 per cent
on their vote four years ago.
In Tasmania there numbers in the 25- member Legislative Assembly were reduced two, down from five in 2010 ― their worst result in 20 years and disastrous, particularly bearing in mind that Tasmania has a Senate-style voting system for its lower house. Over the latest two state elections support for the Greens has halved. In Batman there was a swing of 6.5 per cent to Labor, even though the Liberals did not nominate a candidate. Pundits and experts predicted an easy win for the Greens and during the campaign polls suggested that the Greens had a lead of up to six per cent.
On the back of these results some commentators are hailing the demise of the Greens. Clearly the results expose Greens’ grandiose ambitions such winning 25 seats in the House of Representatives for what they are. Whether these results justify writing the Greens off is another question. South Australia always has been a weak link for the Greens and Cori Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives fared just as poorly, losing their Upper House seeking re- election. Since the elections their other Upper House member has joined the Liberals. Read More