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People Not Like Us

“Give me a child for his first seven years and I’ll give you the man.” Jesuit Maxim
We all know that someone’s background, education and personal circumstance has a profound impact on the decisions they make throughout their life. Consciously or unconsciously each of us draws upon our past experiences to form judgements about the best way ahead for ourselves or for those around us. Our frame of reference is reinforced by the people we chose to associate with as they more often than not have similar backgrounds or levels of education and outlook. This largely works to all our mutual benefit, however, there are circumstances where clearly it does not.

For example, according to Dun and Bradstreet’s small business ten rule guide to hiring new staff, rule number six states:
“Don’t hire someone who is just like you. We have all heard that we buy from people we like. Well, that happens in recruitment too. Too often we make the mistake of hiring someone who is just like us or someone that we like on a personal level. However that’s often not the best approach as businesses usually need a diverse range of people to get the job done efficiently and effectively.”

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