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While the public are still concerned about Climate change, concern appears to have dropped over the past 18 months.
On the best party question, support for the ALP appears to have dropped, but that loss of support has not translated to a significant increase in support for the Liberals. Rather, the someone else/don’t know/both the same/no opinion/no difference categories have increased significantly.

Sentiment towards the CPRS is mixed. The differing data from EMC, the Climate Institute and Newspoll on this issue suggests that the shape of the question is critical in determining the answers. However, the Newspoll data suggests that there is more support for delaying the scheme than there was 12 months ago.

Finally, the Climate Institute data demonstrates that attitudes towards climate change cannot be considered in isolation. According to their data, 61 per cent of people believed in April 2008 that addressing climate change either ‘will definitely hurt the economy and jobs’ or ‘might hurt the economy and jobs’.

This revelation highlights the limitations of quantitative polling which need to be borne in mind when extrapolating conclusions from the data.

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